I learn Latin. You learn Latin. We learn Latin.

So you learn Latin, or you want to.

You’re an adult who wants to learn for interest?  This is the place for you.

Maybe you, er, dig the Ancient Romans from watching “Rome”, the HBO series, and want to be able to read some words in their own beautiful language. Did you miss taking classes as a kid and now you’re excited to get on with it?  Maybe you tried a book or class, didn’t enjoy it and want to know what else is out there.

Latin is special because it’s no longer spoken, (we could debate that), so you’ll be asking yourself what is available and, in particular:

  • What’s a good Latin language book that others like you have found effective?
  • Are there any good online courses?
  • What are courses that were originally set-up for modern languages, (like Rosetta Stone’s Latin course), like?
  • Do you need to do a course that leads to a basic qualification in order to get high-quality teaching?
  • Is a private tutor feasible, (without taking out a mortgage)?

Let’s explore the options and, along the way, discover what really works….

And what do I know?

I started learning Latin from a “teach yourself Latin” book, as a kid.  I studied it at school and then went on to do Classics at the University of Cambridge.  Surprisingly, though, using the teach yourself book was, for me, one of the most vivid periods of learning, mostly because it was the discovery of a new world, and also because I was allowed to learn my own way.

I understand that you can be turned off the subject so easily.   I also recognize that there are a lot of people out there who have the seed of an interest in the subject and they just need a bit of feeding, watering and attention.  They’ll be no manure, though: I haven’t written any of the books reviewed, I’m not involved in any of the courses discussed and I don’t have links to any tutors.  I am not connected to any of them.

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